2 years ago
Dr. Rupert and his staff at Vertex Spine have been amazing. He spends more time with me than any doctor I have ever been to. He answers every question and doesn't leave until you you completely understand everything from treatments to expected outcomes. He will honestly give you the pros and cons of any treatment option and allows me to help deicide which works best for me. I recommend this business.
Michael Brown
2 years ago
Dr. Aryal preformed a Cortisone injection. He was very patient, seemed interested in my problem and was very competent in his work. The shot didn't relieve all my pain, but I don't believe that is his fault.
2 years ago
I love dr Rupert , he’s has help me so much, and listens
Corie Rich
4 years ago
YES! Wonderful, caring Doctor who has helped me when no one else could!
Phillip Randal Wade
5 years ago
I've had migraines since I was 13, had absolutely no quality of life and had been to every type of specialist imaginable with no real relief. In 2011 went to see Dr. Rupert and had the neurostimulator implant done, I could imediately notice a difference and was able to work, drive and just have my life back. I still had migraines but not as many that would knock me down for days at a time. 2019 I had the battery replaced and updated to where I can use a different type of stimulation that helps prevent migraines. Since the surgery I have been COMPLETELY migraine free. Dr. Rupert and his staff have given me back the quality of life that I no longer thought was possible. I am off of all medications and pain free!
Corrie Booth
6 years ago
I suffer from chronic migraines. I went from being in bed a lot of the time, to functioning normally again after treatment. I got a Neuro spinal stimulator, and it has been a life saver. I continue to see Dr. Rupert and he is always there to help me. I can't thank him enough! For the first time in my life I saw a doctor that had solutions, not just more medications loaded with side affects. He gave me hope, and best of all I can be a mom to my 3 children and a wife to my wonderful husband again!
Cindy In Farmington
6 years ago
I have been to Dr. Rupert for almost a year.. He has always been very pleasant, explains what is going on with my back, and answers all of my questions. I would recommend him to any of my friends.
Pam Bauer In Nashville, Tn
7 years ago
Although Dr Rupert is busy man taking care of other patients, I don't mind waiting for. My chronic pain has tormented me for 13 yrs. I have had multiple secondary opinions. Dr Rupert shared options, his opinion regarding perm removal of bulging discs or a lesser approach, a spinal stimulator. If all else fails, remove my spine, and I'll worm my way through life. So far so good..
Columbus, Ga